Folk Association of South Hants

Folk Dance, Song and Display Clubs


Across southern Hampshire we have a range of groups busily meeting regularly to make music, dance and enjoy themselves. All clubs welcome new members. In some cases people need to take time to learn the way it works, but more usually you will be welcomed with open arms. The Folk tradition is of the people, for the people.


For display sides click here. There are Morris sides as well as stepping, clogging, social and Regency dance groups. The Morris sides vary from men-only Ring sides, through more open mixed sides and some for ladies. Most dance out from about May to September and details of their calendars can be seen over this period by clicking on the "What's on" page.


Folk Clubs cover performance by established artists through to singarounds where groups sing or play music in turn around the group. Click here to see what gigs are coming up. Some are formal theatres which have folk events, others village halls running regularly and yet more meet in rooms in pubs. For more informal music sessions, click here.


There are lots of clubs that meet monthly or more frequently just to dance together. These dance clubs mostly dance traditional English styles, but also Scottish, Irish, American Contras can be found. We list as many dances at these clubs as possible looking six months ahead see here.


If you know our area, then you can choose a local club easily enough, but for those who may be new to the area, we offer a webpage where you can locate the clubs and thus find your way round. Click here to see our map.