Folk Association of South Hants

What's on

FASH workshops and events. We run around eight workshops between September and April. Most are on various forms of dance eg Playford, Contras, Squares, Country dancing and anything else that we think people might like. We have live music and excellent callers. Most of the dancers are quite experienced, but everyone is welcome, with a partner or on their own.


We also have some music and song workshops each year and we regularly invite the Madding Crowd to lead us through some delightful West Gallery music and singing. In past years we have run sessions on handbells, bones, miming, story telling, shanties to mention but a few. If you fancy prompting us to repeat any of these activities, or any new ones, contact us.

There are lots of dance clubs, barn dances, ceilidhs in our area. Click here to see what is coming up in the next few months.


To see the Folk Clubs gigs, including wonderful concerts as well as weekly or monthly sessions and singarounds, have a look at this page. Folk performances at other arts centres and theatres that we know about can be found here.

If you've never seen Morris dancing, then you really ought to go and see this old English tradition. We have a number of sides nearby and between May and September they dance out at a variety of pubs. In addition there are some other display sides, such as stepping or more formal country or Regency dance.


Every year we run a Ceilidh for Schools. We hire a hall, band and caller and invite as many local schools as can fit into the hall to come and dance. This year 11 schools and around 300 children came, and to accommodate this we ran two sessions on consecutive weeks. Not only is this offered to the schools for free, but we also get some of our members out each week helping teach the dances to the children, again for free. If you know a school which might like to join us, just ask.